Measuring Social Enterprise Research Exchange and Learning in Asia (MSE-REAL) – Phase 2

  • アジア・文化創造協働助成
平成30 (2018) 年度
JPY 1,173,239
フィリピン, タイ

ISEA’s project entitled Measuring Social Enterprise Research and Action Learning Phase 2 (MSE -REAL Phase 2) had as objective contributing to the development of a culture and practice of social impact measurement among social enterprises and their resource institutions. Measuring social enterprise impact has been identified as a weakness of many of these social mission-driven enterprises in the region in previous studies of ISEA.
MSE REAL Phase 2 built on the need to continue promoting impact measurement among social enterprises and the insight from Phase 1 of the need to create standards or benchmarks for the social enterprise sector for greater impact.
From April - September 2018, MSE REAL Phase 2 had the following accomplishments:
A) Development and piloting of a Scorecard that evaluates the level of adherence of social enterprises (SE) to a set of Benchmarks for Transformational Partnerships and Women’s Economic Empowerment in Agricultural Value Chains (BTP WEE in AVCs) involving selected social enterprises in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.
C) Conduct of an in-country seminar-workshop in Thailand to capacitate social enterprises and their resource institutions on measuring social enterprise impact and benchmarking.
Specific outputs of MSE REAL Phase 2 were:
• 25 leaders/stakeholders from 9 social enterprises (SEs) and their support institutions in 4 ASEAN countries engaged in developing and piloting a SE Scorecard on the BTP WEE in AVCs
• 15 SE practitioners and support institutions from Thailand capacitated on measuring SE impact and benchmarking
• A SE Scorecard on the BTP-WEE in AVCs developed as a learning, communication and evaluation tool for the social enterprise sector


日本, シンガポール, フィリピン, インドネシア, タイ
World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) – Asia


MSE REAL Phase 2 stakeholders have strongly proposed the translation of the Scorecard on the BTP WEE in AVCs in local languages so that the tool may be disseminated more broadly in the 4 countries covered. At the same time, there is a continuing need to undertake capability building on measuring social enterprise impact and benchmarking in countries not yet covered during Phase 1 and 2, as well as convening the practitioners and resource institutions promoting the BTP WEE in AVCs to share experiences and lessons as well as plan ways for broadening countries covered and moving forward.
For MSE REAL Phase 3, ISEA will be submitting a proposal focusing on:
1) Translation of the Social Enterprise Scorecard on BTP WEE in AVCs from English to Bahasa, Thai, Vietnamese, and Filipino to promote its wider use by social enterprises .
2) Publication of the English version of the SE Scorecard on the BTP WEE in AVCs for regional dissemination
3) Capacity building on Measuring Social Enterprise Impact and Benchmarking Activity in Vietnam or Cambodia



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