International Co-production – RE/PLAY DANCE Edit.

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Grant Amount
JPY 4,900,030
Country of Activity
Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia

“RE/PLAY DANCE Edit.” is an international collaborative project by director Junnosuke Tada, contemporary dancer/choreographer Mari Kita, choreographers and dancers from Japan and Southeast Asia, performing their collaborative works in three countries. In 2015, first collaboration between international artists was put on a production partnering with Singapore’s TheatreWorks at the Art Center run by the same group [72-13]. Auditions were held in a workshop format over three days in April 2015, with three performers chosen from a group of roughly 30 participants. The creation process spanned a week in February 2016 with two Japanese dancers, with the finished play presented at the Art Center. Following the auditions, we have conducted investigations of the dance scenes in Malaysia and Cambodia for the purposes of project starting in the next year.

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Photo by LAW Kian Yan
Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia
Co-organizer(s), Cooperator(s)
TheatreWorks (s) Ltd

From the Organizer

This first international project included a diverse list of participants, which are two Japanese, four Singaporeans, an Indonesian and an Australian, in the creation process. That diversity of cultural background lent an even greater depth to the final work. This resulted in major progress for one of the main goals with the project, to pose a question to “the body of Asia.” The passionate and unerring advice from Singapore’s TheatreWorks – one of the premiere theatre groups in Asia - was a major factor in the production’s success. This project will continue in Phnom Pen, Kyoto, and Manila. We hope the project will serve as a chance for not just dance fans, but countless people to witness the background, body, difference and connections of dance as they radiate across Asia from a variety of viewpoints.

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International Co-production — RE/PLAY DANCE Edit

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International Co-production — RE/PLAY DANCE Edit