Cultural Collaboration

The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration

This program is designed to generate new cultures together within Asia. Grants are provided to successful collaborative projects conducted by organizations and professionals in Japan and ASEAN.

*This program ended in FY2021.

Eligible Applicants
Organizations based in Japan.
Eligible Projects
Collaborative projects ―― the majority of which involve ASEAN countries and Japan participants ―― as well as projects that plan to disseminate their achievements in the fields of arts and culture, sports, civil society or intellectual exchange are accepted.
Grant Coverage
Maximum 10 million JPY
The grant can cover portions from a maximum of three categories from below.
1. Traveling expense (international and long-distance domestic travel) and accommodation
2. Venue and equipment use
3. Translation, interpretation and honoraria for lecturers
4. Preparation of materials, reports, PR materials, etc.
5. Carriage (baggage/ freight)
List of Grant Awardees
Frequently Asked Questions