Manila, Tokyo, FESTIVAL OF THE RECENTLY POSSIBLE 2019: Towards an Asian Network of Digital Art & Sound

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    • 美術
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    • 音楽
  • アジア・文化創造協働助成
令和元 (2019) 年度
JPY 1,341,935

A decade-old platform that aims to advance artistic positions reflecting on the impact of new technologies on people and culture, WSK is celebrating the 10th edition of Festival of the Recently Possible with a diverse chain of events that showcase the cross-sectional relationships between art, sound, and technology with artists from across the globe, from October 15 to October 28 at multiple locations in Manila.
A variable, ever-shifting, in constant flux, WSK X will unveil its biggest partnership yet with like-minded organizations across the globe: Nusasonic. A creative collaboration between YES NO KLUB (Yogyakarta), WSK Festival of The Recently Possible (Manila), Playfreely/BlackKaji (Singapore), CTM Festival (Berlin), Nusasonic is a multi-year project that plunges into a broad spectrum of experimental sound and music cultures in Southeast Asia, enabling dialogue not only within the region but also with Europe. Supported by the Japan Foundation Asia Center under the Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration, WSK X will be holding a series of concerts, residencies, hacklabs, exhibitions, workshops, forums, and open art-science projects, with wider global collaborations.

日本, フィリピン
Arete Creative and Innovation Hub, Ateneo De Manila University
Ateneo Art Gallery
Intramuros Administration
XXXX / 2020 Club
Goethe Institute Southeast Asia
Goethe Institute Manila


1. Despite some problems with the logistics issues, hospitality and some issues with PR and marketing, the festival was successful in implementing the critical issues of collaboration, networking, and artist exchanges.
2. We were able to facilitate educational programs that enabled audience and artist interactions.
3. We were able to facilitate the success of the interactivity aspect of the exhibition.
4. The concerts were all well-received, the programming was excellent and the audience enjoyed all the concerts.
5. The four workshops we conducted were well-attended by participants and had great results, engaging artists closer to audiences.
6. The artist talks and symposium was informative and have had great rapport with audience members.
7. We were able to tap into new networks within the greater networks, such as new collaborations with Fukuoka and Osaka / Kyoto artists.
We were able to tap into more networks through Visayan region.
・Future prospects and challenges
1. To continue nurturing, strengthening, and cultivating media art and sound cultures in Asia build on top of ten years of networks that WSK has built in Asia and Europe.
2. To shift focus less on festival activities but more on educational programs such as symposium, artist talks, workshops, artist labs, and artist-exchange and residencies
3. Focus on WSK 10th Year Publication and web archives until 2020.
4. Continue Asia-European networks via Nusasonic projects
5. Continue nourishing East Asian Networks of artists such as artists from Japan



国際共同制作『RE/PLAY DANCE Edit.』


日本・フィリピン・タイ アジア共同プロジェクト

The Karnabal Contemporary Cultural Laboratory

日本・フィリピン・タイ アジア共同プロジェクト




Community Art Project in Afflicted Areas of Tsunami – Japan and Aceh –



Thai and Osaka (Japan) Creative Space and Community Art collaboration project

アーティスト・イン・レジデンス事業人材育成キャンプ&フォーラム アジア AIR CAMP 2017 in 陸前高田「生活と創造」