SEAFIC Southeast Asia Fiction Film Lab 2017-2018 Program, Sessions 1-3

  • アジア・文化創造協働助成
平成29 (2017) 年度
THB ***
タイ, ドイツ, 香港, フランス

【採択時の概要:英文のみ】 Each year, SEAFIC selects five Southeast Asian filmmakers with work-in-progress scripts to work with our veteran script consultant for eight months to develop and refine their feature-length screenplays. Participants shall attend three sessions in Thailand, conducted in English. During the third and final session, the participants shall give a five-minute pitch of their project to the three-person award jury who will then award one project a prize of US$15,000. SEAFIC shall organize a public event which, through free screenings, panels and talks, introduces SEAFIC's mission to develop filmmakers from the region. The five projects selected for SEAFIC shall automatically be enrolled in SEAFIC x PAS, Produire au Sud's Southeast Asia workshop. The five producers of the same projects shall attend the first session and SEAFIC's final pitching session, where they will work with international experts on film co-production within the industry.

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日本, タイ, etc.



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