1st Ed. The Creators’ Cradle Circuit Transnational Mobile Festival and Platform

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2020
Grant Amount
JPY 9,472,000
Country of Activity
オンライン, Thailand, Japan

The “Creators’ Cradle Circuit (3Cs)” is a transnational mobile performing arts festival where emerging Asian performing artists travel and gather in Asian cities, crossing the borders of their areas of activity, to develop their works and experiment with new values and expressions in the performing arts. After two years of research to realize the 3Cs, Karakoa and three project collaborators, together with six groups of eight artists from Southeast Asia, Japan and Taiwan, held the series of events and festival in Loei (Thailand) in July and Tokyo (Japan) in September. Due to comply with the travel restrictions imposed by various countries as a measure to prevent the global spread of the new coronavirus disease, the 3Cs artists remained in their home countries. Still, they collaborated with a remote body of partners in Loei and Tokyo to present their work in a hybrid format that crosses online and real venues.

Creators’ Cradle Circuit 2021 website http://creatorscradlecircuit.org/
Achievements of FY 2018 https://grant-fellowship-db.jfac.jp/en/grant/cc1821/
Achievements of FY 2019 https://grant-fellowship-db.jfac.jp/en/grant/cc1919/

Related Countries
Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan

From the Organizer

This project, conceived in the Japan Foundation Asia Center's Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts Program in 2017, was realized after three years of fieldwork and online research and creative activities happened since 2018. Despite travel restrictions due to the prevention of the COVID-19 infection, the participating artists focused on the "here and now". They also sublimated the ever-changing situation into the creative process with the support of the collaborators in Loei and Tokyo. Amid the global epidemic of COVID-19, we have been thinking what is the ideal form of an international creative space for the development of young performing artists in Asia, how can we connect with the communities of Asian cities through artistic practice, and how can we communicate this not only to local audiences but also to the diverse audiences we encounter online? -We need to continue to experiment with new ways to approach each of these questions.

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