one table two chairs meeting 2016

  • Organizer Name Creative Theatre Network
  • Japan
    • Theater
  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Grant Amount
JPY 6,539,071
Country of Activity
Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan

This was the first year of a continuous three-year project with the goal of creating a network connected to the future and discovering new perspectives on Asian performing arts. 2016, the first year of the project, invited young directors, actors, and artists from Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and Japan to participate in a collaborative project to create and perform a 20-minute play using two performers, a single desk, and two chairs as the sole stage props. After the performances, observers from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Japan were invited to provide an opportunity for directors and viewers to converse in order to deepen understanding and exchange ideas, which will affect the next meeting.


(c) Katsu Miyauchi
Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Hongkong
Co-organizer(s), Cooperator(s)
Danny Yung (Zuni Icosahedron)

From the Organizer

We strongly felt that the judicious exchange of ideas between attendees led to the creation of relationships that will last into the future. Additionally, there was frequent interaction between attendees and support staff, allowing the creation of quality relationships capable of overcoming international barriers. Our efforts this time allowed the invitation of 21 artists from countries across Asia. Also, the artists from Vietnam and Cambodia hasn’t had many exchange opportunities up to this point, and we feel it would have been difficult to invite them and create new relationships without the financial assistance of the Japan Foundation. We’re currently preparing for the second year of the project, and expect cooperation from Singapore, whose attendees are currently preparing to enact a similar project in their own country. We believe this will carry forward the connections formed between Asian countries at this event, allowing the creation of a new foundation to nurture and develop Asian performing arts.

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