Open with a Punk Spirit / Dance Marathon!

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Grant Amount
SGD 123,802
Country of Activity
Japan, Singapore

This project has its roots in the Saison Foundation’s The Method of Dance Archiving, which is a two-phase project for Japanese choreographers of contemporary dance. The Method of Dance Archiving explores the theme of archiving contemporary dance. Each of the participating Japanese dance makers creates ‘an archive box of one seminal dance’ and they hand over their archive box of one dance to a group of emerging South / South east Asian dance makers who respond to the archive box and ‘re-perform’ it.
This project aimed to create a network of Asian dance makers who would serve as a reliable platform for future collaborations and exchange hence facilitating mutual respect and understanding between artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds. It also contributed to the development of new methodologies for archiving dance and generated a new value system which could be practiced by those working in dance across Asia. The second part of the programme was “Dance Marathon!” which was a platform of 14 solo dances by 7 Japanese dance makers and 7 South Asian / South East Asian dance makers.

Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia

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