Contemporary Vietnamese Cinema Research and Screenings

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2020
Grant Amount
JPY 3,208,113
Country of Activity
Japan, オンライン

In this project, we conducted a survey and held a screening event of Vietnamese films, which have been attracting attention from film festivals around the world in recent years, and are becoming more and more interesting every day. In collaboration with director Phan Dang Di, who has led the independent film industry, and the Fukuoka City Public Library, which has a large collection of Vietnamese films and has actively screened them, we conducted a survey of Vietnamese films and held an event.
In Tokyo, the event was held at the Athénée Français Cultural Center in Ochanomizu, screening a selection of films from classics to the latest releases that are essential to the history of Vietnamese cinema. In addition, young filmmakers were invited to a talk event to introduce the independent film industry in Vietnam. In Fukuoka, master filmmaker Dang Nhat Minh and director Phan Dang Di gave a talk on Vietnamese cinema at a movie hall, Cine-La, attached to the Fukuoka City Public Library, and made it available to the public for viewing online.
The entire project was a groundbreaking attempt to look at the past, present, and future of Vietnamese cinema, covering a wide range of topics such as Vietnamese cinema, production conditions, film history, and Vietnamese culture.

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