Skills Development in the Preservation of Wooden Structures in the Philippines

  • アジア・文化創造協働助成
平成27 (2015) 年度
JPY 2,453,238

Through the collaboration of the three institutions, a selected number of foreign and Filipino experts participated in this exchange workshop of knowledge and experience in wood preservation. The conference was divided in three parts. The first part was an inspection of damaged churches during the earthquake that hit the Visayan Region. The experts along with our team inspected the churches of Bohol. The objective of the inspection was to familiarize themselves with the methods of construction and materials used as wooden structural components of the said churches and assess the damage on these wooden structural components.
The second part was a lecture series about the conservation and preservation of wooden structures where foreign experts on wood preservation from Japan and Spain were invited through the University of Shiga Prefecture in Japan. Filipino experts involved in wood conservation projects were likewise invited to discuss the status of wood preservation projects in the Philippines.
The third part of the project was a workshop activity. During this activity, an on-site assessment and analysis of wooden structures in the Philippines was done by two groups of students from the architecture departments of four universities focusing on the 1730 Jesuit House in Cebu, Philippines. These students, scholars and other participants learned how to make an assessment and analysis of the wooden elements of the structure etc. with the guidance from the foreign and Filipino experts.

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