DISPLACED : The RIKUZENTAKATA-Manila Collaborative Art Project

  • アジア・文化創造協働助成
平成29 (2017) 年度
JPY 790,809

“D I S PLACED” is a project by Bliss Design Studio in cooperation with Rikuzentakata Artist-in-Residence in Iwate, Japan. The project DISPLACED takes a closer look on how disasters drive people to move and uproot them selves, and also how they attempt to survive despite of their tragic experiences. The causes of disasters vary from the natural, such as tsunami in Rikuzentakata and the super typhoon in Tacloban. But there are also man-made ones as seen in the communities within Metro Manila. The project aims to have a dialogue about displacement and discuss connections and insights about Rikuzentakata and Manila as a place of disaster and refuge. Participants includes former Rikuzentakata Artist-in-Residence Atsuko Arai, Tawatchai Pattanaporn, Con Cabrer and Jaima Pacena, together with Rikuzentakata AIR Program Director Teiko Hinuma and Coordinator Jun Matsuyama. Also with a March 2011 Tsunami Survivor Fumie Abe, Filipino Photo Journalist Veejay Villafranca and Artist/Activist Max Santiago of Tudla Productions.

日本, フィリピン, タイ
Asia Pacific College
Tudla Productions
Blanc Gallery


-Through this project, not only the participants but as well as the organizers, crew, and partners were able to immerse within the Metro Manila and had a much more deeper knowledge and understanding of the situations around the urban poor communities. Another very important achievement of this project is the cultural exchange between practitoners and media art students. There were lots of interactions and sharing of knowledge of experiences between the participants, the audience and the staff.
-A lot of students were really inspired by the project and was very happy with the one of a kind experience.
-The project will be continued and this initial effort inspired us to continue the dialogue.



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