KARNABAL Festival 2016 and Continuing International Exchange

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Grant Amount
PHP 1,590,936.82
Country of Activity

KARNABAL is a two-week multi-site festival based in Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, engaged more than 200 artists and around 3,000 audiences through different platforms for performances and exhibitions, training, dialogue and idea exchange. It ran from July 21 till 31.
KARNABAL Festival 2016 is a pioneering contemporary laboratory for performance and social innovation in the Philippines. It highlighted the community of leading change-makers whose works and practices are representative of the alternative wave of art-making in the country. Also featured are emerging groups and individuals in search of platforms for play and exploration, as well as international artists immersed in creative multi-field connectivity and collaboration with Filipinos.
In 2016, KARNABAL focused on “Development” and involved more artists and audiences from the margins and grassroots, and furthered the development of international collaborative relations as it concentrated on the discovery and continuing incubation of innovative and socially engaged creative practices within and outside the capital. Included in the latter were 3 growing collaborations between Japanese and Filipino artists, carried over from KARNABAL 2015.

Achievements of FY 2017 https://grant-fellowship-db.jfac.jp/en/grant/cc1717/

Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, U.K., Germany

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