Low Fat Art Fest: 100% Concentrate Art Pieces Volume II

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Grant Amount
THB 412,865.55
Country of Activity

The international Low Fat Art Fest 2017 was successfully concluded with its final activity in 8th April 2017 and officially concluded at the closing of the art exhibition which part of the festival in 4th May 2017.
Due to the passing of King Rama IX, the Festival was postponed and changed from a one month festival to a three month curated Art programs by variety of artists from 6 countries, namely Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and majorly Japan.
The Festival kicked off with its first activity, Low Fat Film Screening in 17-19 February.
March is the most active Month of the Festival, holding 8 programs every weekend from the start to finish.
In the final month, 4th of April, the Festival launched a watercolor art exhibition by Thai artist and also welcomes visitors to observe his working process on site as he would be painting live every weekend in the course of one month. 8th April was the final activity by Low fat Art Fest 2017, the concert Experimental Music Night was proven to be an overwhelming, surprise success holding 10 bands of music performers from variety of cutting-edge music technique and tremendous amount of visitors showed up that night.

Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Belgium etc.

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