Project for the Restoration and the Human Resources in Angkor Wat

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Grant Amount
JPY 8,343,621
Country of Activity
Cambodia, Japan

Restoration of the Western Causeway of Angkor Wat is a project involving technical and cultural exchange, study, and training, between the nations of Japan and Cambodia. Moreover, it is a critical endeavor signifying the cultural base of both nations. Since this restoration work has been adopted by the ODA (General Culture Grant Aid) of the Foreign Ministry, the restoration equipment necessary from Japan was installed at the site. By inviting and sending out delegates, the Sophia School Corporation and APSARA authority convened the ‘Angkor Wat Western Causeway Meeting for Technical Exchange,’ (a program of both nations, for technical education and constructional guidance). It was a venture fostered by reciprocal technological transfer, and meticulous preparation. Here,
1) The training of Cambodians as equipment operators, as well as the training and education of Cambodian stonemasons in stone processing technology, was decided upon.
2) By inviting and dispatching delegates, a united team comprising Japanese and Cambodians was formed for study and technical exchange, related to the Western Causeway. (Here, the team’s purpose included inspection and discussion by Japanese and Cambodians, regarding issues linked to the site of the restoration).
3) It was decided here that the design and execution plan for the Causeway prepared by the Japanese, would be translated into English. Having done so, experts from the Japanese and Cambodian side would hold discussions regarding the content of the document, using it as resource material for the understanding of the technical issues involved.
4) The primary preparations would begin on the basis of the schedule chart. (That is to say, investigating the design of the temporary pier, the start of jobs such as boring, and so on, would begin in accordance with the chart).


Related Countries
Japan, Cambodia
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Project for the Restoration and the Human Resources in Angkor Wat

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Project for the Restoration and the Human Resources in Angkor Wat

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