Contemporary Education and Family Life in ASEAN and Japan

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Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Grant Amount
JPY 3,117,642
Country of Activity
Malaysia, Japan

15 experts and 3 keynote speakers were invited to Niigata for the “ASEAN and Japan Symposium: Contemporary Education and Family Life in ASEAN and Japan” to speak about families and schools in Japan and Southeast Asia. The 3 speakers held suggestive keynote lectures based on their knowledge and experience about education and family life in Japan and ASEAN nations. Next, a presentation of discussion topics regarding family life and education in Southeast Asia was held, relating to the analysis and results of polls conducted jointly by the International Islamic University Malaysia and the University of Niigata Prefecture. In the discussion following the presentation, an active discussion regarding family life and education took place in between speakers, creating a sense of unity to in order to further promote academic exchanges and to strengthen the relationship between Japan and ASEAN. Furthermore, the roughly 100 audience voiced their thoughts regarding the situation of homes, families, and education in ASEAN nations, and the differences in social structure and family systems in ASEAN and Japan. The results of the symposium will be distributed as a report, as well as will be posted on the website.

Achievements of FY 2015

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Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar
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From the Organizer

Experts who were able to provide topics and raise issues surrounding families and schools in Japan and Southeast Asia were invited, allowing researchers to share their wisdom regarding issues about these topics. Thanks to the broad range of experts, a deep discussion took place, and members of the audience commented they were able to learn about families and educations in ASEAN nations. However, because the symposium took place midday on a weekday, hardly any students or youths participated. Had these groups participated, there might have been questions or discussions from different perspectives. Because the symposium was able to continue from last year, and thanks to the fact that it was able to receive a grant, many speakers were invited from overseas, deepening the exchanges amongst them.

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