A Photography Workshop for Young Timorese Photographers

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2020
Grant Amount
THB 326,594
Country of Activity

A photography exhibition entitled ‘7,610-kilometer Distance: Finally, We’ve Met One Another.’ was a direct result of “A Photography Workshop for Young Timorese Photographers (online)”. It featured 40 photographs by REKREATIF photographers from Timor-Leste and fine art students from Silpakorn University. The exhibition presents 2 sub-themes as follows:

1) Diary of a Pandemic in Timor-Leste and Thailand Mentors: Dow Wasiksiri, Wannapong Surarochprajak, Ornin Ruangwattanasuk, Subkun Sarunpueti, and Taweewit Kijtanasoonthorn

Photographs by the REKREATIF photographers presented people and their various situations of Dili’s lockdown due to the COVID 2019. People stayed home, and only left home for necessary and important reasons. Moreover, the REKREATIF presented unfortunate people who do not have a house to live in and enough masks to protect themselves. Rather similar to the REKREATIF’s, Thai students’ photographs presented lives of hardship as well as lives of hope. Photographs show vendors and small business owners who have great patience and hope at the same time.

2) Nuu’udar Uma: How do you cope with being a human?) Mentor: Kyoko Ebata, a Japanese artist

Love and violence in human’s nature was a central subject of the REKREATIF’ and Kyoko’s co-investigation. Kyoko discussed about photography of martial arts. Martial arts in Timor-Leste present human’s need to protect themselves among political powers, after crisis, and during low employment rate. The REKREATIF asked martial art practitioners from two different groups to fight for their photo shoot.

Project website www.timorthaiphoto.com

Related Countries
Japan, Thailand, Timor-Leste

From the Organizer

Good outputs are now visually realized, making everybody – the participants, the organizer, the co-organizer, and the workshop leaders - delight and happy.

However, an only challenge that we have already experienced and will certainly experience in any future online projects is directly about a lack of hand-on practice under a close guidance of experts. In this case, the experts were not there near the Rekreatif to correct shutter speed, exposure, and standing position for example.

In order for the Rekreatif to further develop their skills, more workshops are necessary.

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