★Month of Art Practice – an annual art exchange and learning platform

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2018
Grant Amount
USD 10,872.52
Country of Activity

Month of Art Practice (MAP) is an annual project dedicated to the development of contemporary art and organized by Heritage Space in Hanoi since 2015. The project aims at creating a platform for art practice exchange between emerging Vietnamese artists and established foreign artists, and engaging the public audience with contemporary art.
The fourth annual season having the theme “Visible – Invisible”, funded by Japan Foundation Asia Center, has gathered 7 Vietnamese young artists and 7 established artists from Japan, South Korea, Finland, Switzerland and Germany in Hanoi during 6 weeks. Together they joined weekly meetings, networking trips, and constantly exchanged ideas and practice, with support from renowned art experts and professionals in the region. Artists’ works were displayed at the final exhibition open for public access. Public events were also a highlight of this project with artist talks, exhibition and exhibition tour. The local audience got opportunities to explore contemporary art through hearing from the artists’ vision, interacting with them, and contemplating the art works.
MAP is a unique project in the visual art scene in Vietnam, which continues to impact new generations of contemporary artists, nurture new generations of audience for contemporary art, and strengthen the local creative spaces network.

From the Organizer

Month of Art Practice (MAP) is an unprecedented and unique project in the current contemporary art scene in Vietnam, which has taken place 4 years in a row.
It has explored and nurtured a generation of young Vietnamese artists who are willing to learn, since formal education on contemporary art in the country still remains limited. The project also gave foreign artists an opportunity to work in a new cultural context to stretch their creativity and foster collaboration across cultures and backgrounds.
In Vietnam, this project has great reputation and has received increasing support from local art spaces: many referred artists to the project and offered their venue for project activities. It has raised the profile of Heritage Space and created partnership opportunities in other settings between the organizer and creative hubs across the country.

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