• The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Grant Amount
JPY 7,847,915
Country of Activity
Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan

The Sakura Collection Committee has selected designers and young designers (students, etc.) from Japan and Southeast Asia to create clothing designs and dresses using traditional Japanese textile materials, incorporating the cultures of their respective countries and ethnicities. Additionally, through this project, the Sakura Collection Committee has created an opportunity for designers and young designers to visit Japan to visit workshops of traditional crafts and to experience Japanese culture. The created works are not only for display purposes, but will aim for brand development. The brand will be sold at cultural exchange bases (local shops) in Japan and Southeast Asia, and will be distributed for the purposes of using traditional techniques to explore how they have rooted themselves in modern life, and to find new methods of utilization. Simultaneously, the Sakura Collection Committee has also supported and conducted cultural exchanges between young creators in Southeast Asia and Japan.

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(c) Nobuyoshi ARAKI by SAKURA COLLECTION 2015-16
Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
Co-organizer(s), Cooperator(s)
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From the Organizer

The Sakura Collection Committee has been able to open a pop-up store in Singapore and Japan (3/24-3/26/2017) with young designers who won the Student Grand Prix award last year, and the year before that, and were able to learn how to continuously sustain fashion and art from a business perspective. Not only did they simply design clothes, they also learned about the perspectives of users, consumers, as well as practical work. PR methods to get more students and young designers to participate. Additionally, because the management system is different in each country, we must increase local supporters for smooth operation. Thanks to the grant, we were able to easily gain trust domestically and overseas.

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