Joint research project on capitalism in South East Asia

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2016
Grant Amount
JPY 1,248,065
Country of Activity



Related Countries
Japan, Indonesia, Thailand

Projects related to this Grantee


Joint research project on capitalism in South East Asia

Countries of Activity

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Exchanging of Performing Arts, Asia

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Japan-Mekong Autism Recreation and Sports Festival


Dialogues on Democracy with South-East Asia and Asia Opinion Leaders’Dialogue

Heritage Tourism Research Project

Searching for A New Asian Order in the Indo-Pacific Region:IntellectualCollaboration of Asian Studies in Japan,ASEAN,Australia and India

Japan Study Trip 2016

Transformative Learning Towards a Just and Ecologically Sustainable ASEAN Community

Green Initiative Week in Indonesia Joint Program on Green City and Architecture with South East Asian Countries

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