Prapat Jiwarangsan

  • Artist/Filmmaker
  • Thailand
    • Film/Moving Images
  • The Asia Center Fellowship Program
  • Grant Year: Fiscal Year 2018
July 01, 2018 - October 22, 2018
Country of Activity
Singapore, Japan, Myanmar

Opposite Directions

Opposite Directions is a research and artistic project focusing on the experiences of Thai and Southeast Asian migrant workers who work in Southeast and East Asia. The project explores the two opposed trajectories of narratives of the workers. On the one hand, due to economic, political, and social conditions, the workers have had to migrate to work outside their home countries. On the other, while in their new countries, they face a different set of economic, political, and social conditions that force them to return to their home countries. Opposite Directions is conducted in three countries—Singapore, Japan, and Myanmar. Prapat Jiwarangsan stays one month per each country. During the stay, he conducts video interviews with Thai and other Southeast Asian workers. The research and interview focus on their experiences and the conditions that force them to move within or from their home and destination countries, with particular focus on aspects of economic, political, and social instability. The documentation of the workers in the three countries will be a resource for developing a short documentary and installation art in the future.

Main Cities of Activity
Singapore/ Japan: Tokyo/ Myanmar: Yangon
Host Institution(s) / Individual(s)
Office of Labor Affairs, Royal Thai Embassy, Singapore
Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS)
Myanmar Art Resource Center and Archive (MARCA)
Activity Reports
Opposite Directions(518KB)

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