Jimenez Verdejo Juan Ramon

  • Associate Professor, Department of Design and Architecture, School of Environmental Science, University of Shiga Prefecture
  • http://dda-usp.com/professor/juan_ramon
  • Japan
    • Traditional Culture/Cultural Heritage
    • Intellectual Exchange
  • The Asia Center Fellowship Program
  • Grant Year: Fiscal Year 2015
August 01, 2015 - September 23, 2015
Country of Activity

Japanese-Philippine Restoration Taller for Bohol Island's Cultural Heritage

This project proposes new strategies for the restoration, preservation and conservation of the cultural heritages of the Philippine Bohol islands. It brings into a sharp focus the system of constructing the traditional stone walls of Bohol island. The project is based on an intensive field study of damaged Bohol Heritages (old colonial churches), and the traditional system of restoration will be put into practice through the organization of Restoration Taller based on workshops and seminar activities in collaboration with professors, students and architects from Japan and the Philippines.

Main Cities of Activity
Bohol, Cebu, Manila
Host Institution(s) / Individual(s)
University of Shiga Prefecture
Esukuela Teller De Filipinas Foundation
Activity Reports
Japanese-Philippine Restoration Taller for Bohol Island (6MB)

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