I See Your Engagement – Asia

  • The Grant Program for Enhancing People-to-People Exchange
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2021
Grant Amount
JPY 360,723
Country of Activity

”I See Your Engagement Asia” aims to provide a platform for international volunteer activities in Asia to promote cross-cultural understanding and education through international volunteering, which the ICYE network has been continuously conducting in the wake of the global outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020. This is the fifth project of the online program, the first of which was held by ICYE Vietnam and ICYE Japan in August of the same year. This time, the program was managed by partners from all seven countries in the Asian region and attracted a total of 35 participants.
This is an online program organized by youth education organizations affiliated with the ICYE network, which provide opportunities to "deepen the international understanding of youth in Asia and their connection as an Asian people" and "to think about common issues beyond differences" through discussions on international social issues among young people with diverse backgrounds.

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From the Organizer

Due to a lack of resources, we had been limited to conducting joint programs in two, or at most three countries within the Asian region, however, with this grant, we were able to organize a joint online program in seven countries. We were able to create a place where youth from seven countries could come together at the same time and enrich the diversity of nationalities in each group.
The three panelists' presentations, especially the one regarding leadership, were well received by the participants in their feedback. Participants were highly motivated and asked a number of questions throughout the program. We hope that the participants will take the experiences gained from this online program back to their own communities and become the next generation of change makers. In addition, actually going abroad and experiencing different cultures with all five senses is an experience that will corroborate the lessons learned through this online event. Although the COVID-19 is still ongoing, we will continue to develop an environment for exchange programs to ensure that in the near future, we will be able to apply the learning gained online to actual cross-cultural activities.

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