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Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2019
Grant Amount
JPY 2,457,802
Country of Activity
Philippines, Japan

Aspiring film critics have the chance to think, read, and write about the world we live in, through the lens of cinema, while immersed in the lively atmosphere of a film festival. Professional critics advise the participants, who write their own articles about films. This project seeks to ensure the continuity of a global space where young international critics can develop their sensibilities and skills in close dialogue with filmmakers, film festival programmers, and audiences. Organized workshops during the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2019 and Cinema Rehiyon 12 in Naga, Philippines, which were composed of one mentor and three participants in Yamagata and two mentors and eight participants in Naga. After the workshop, a publication “Film Criticism Collective 3”, in both English and Japanese, has been published on a paper book and PDF version, containing texts written by the workshop participants and mentors.

Related Countries
Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia
Co-organizer(s), Cooperator(s)
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
Cinema Rehiyon

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