Tokyo Drama Award 2015

  • The Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration
Grant Year
Fiscal Year 2015
Grant Amount
JPY 4,772,940
Country of Activity

Through the Tokyo Drama Award 2015, we held a collection of contents rich in market and commercial potential, development of international program exchange, cooperation with similar events overseas, and the promotion of creating programs with international broadcasting in mind. For international promotion, we utilized Japanese drama series as promotional tools, gathering attention toward “Cool Japan” features such as Japanese culture (including Japanese drama series), society, and tourist locations. We actually aired the award ceremony in Japan and several other nations in Asia (Indonesia, Singapore, and Myanmar). We also aired programs which were invited for the International Program Special Award. We held a symposium with the programs’ creators and Japanese program creators. Japanese creators and those from other Asian nations exchanged ideas and discussed various matters concerning the enhancement of each other’s presence, such as projections on the international release of domestic programs, demand for domestic programs (what sort of programs viewers want), and the possibility of collaborative efforts/development cooperation. A discussion panel was held between creators from the four nations.

From the Organizer

By inviting actors/creators from three foreign countries (Korea, Indonesia, Thailand) to the Tokyo Drama Award 2015, we were able to introduce Asian works not so well known in Japan, while introducing Japanese programs to the above foreign countries. Ideas and opinions concerning drama series production in each nation and future plans were exchanged casually at the symposium. This allowed us to view and share problems and issues concerning program production in each of our countries. Another benefit of the symposium was that we now have a grasp of how Japanese creators could cooperate with creators from the three countries. We likely need to go into depth about communication and share visions to enable more concrete collaboration. Due to budgetary issues, there were always many restrictions to inviting foreign groups to the Tokyo Drama Award. However, gaining support from the Japan Foundation gave us more freedom in inviting guests to greater effect.

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